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What if (?) All-New X-Factor was manga? :P

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#ThrowbackThursday fun with the X-Men! This is the equivalent of the credits’ 3-D animation at the end of the first season episodes back in 1992. You could find these babies in the X-Men Adventures comic books.

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X-tremely awesome!

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This was a gift from my good friend Quetzal, it’s so awesome, even Marvel's editor Ellie Pyle liked it!

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Isn't the concept of corporate superheroes an oxymoron? Spike's All-New X-Factor #1 review.

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Avengers’ Alliance Gambit concept art.

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I love this jam cover my friends did for me! Plus it’s an Avenging Spidey blank cover, so it features the first part of a fun story by Wells and Madureira.

Daredevil was drawn by Juan Pablo Pérez Vilchis, Gambit by Paco Medina, Spider-Man by "Lobo" Cuevas, Psylocke by Carlo Barberi, Captain America and the coloring by Skywakko! And as bonus, in the back cover there’s Wolverine by "Pato" Delgado. :D
Who do you think I should get in the back to make Wolvie some company?

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My modest collection of sketches by Tim Seeley, good friend of mine and the mind behind Hack/Slash, Revival, and the upcoming Batman; Eternal.

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My latest Gambit sketch by my pal Raúl Valdés. We’ve been working together doing some Marvel pages since last November.

My latest Gambit sketch by my pal Raúl Valdés. We’ve been working together doing some Marvel pages since last November.

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I was working with my friend, Mike McKone (The Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four), and he made this incredible Gambit sketch for me! It was also a big one, so it is not the whole sketch, the scanner couldn’t contain Mike’s might! I’ll take a pic of it when it is framed.

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A little gift from my friend Paco Medina (X-Men, Deadpool, Ultimate Comics; X-Men). It’s hanging in my room! ^_^ He made this for me at the presentation of the new X-Men volume, back in 2010.

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The classiest car of all time! Based on David Yardin's cover for X-Men Origins; Gambit one-shot. Photo courtesy of @jarm.

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A little gift from my friend Carlo Barberi (Deadpool, Ultimate Comics; X-Men) I just had framed. I’ll update this when I hang it! ^_^ We thought it would be funny that a Marvel character was drawn with his Justice League Unlimited style. :P

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The X-Men Animated Collection // artwork by David Nakayama (2009)

This set of illustrations are the covers for the DVD collections of the X-Men Animated series of the 90’s. There’s no miss with this show, I tell you… NO MISS!

The best cartoon in the ‘verse! It literally change my life!

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Back in 2010 I made a pitch for a Gambit story with the name Honor Among Thieves. It received good feedback from C.B. Cebulski, Paul Jenkins, Carlo Barberi and Ramón Espinoza, but it did not fit with what Marvel was going for at the time.

The cover was made as a gift for me by Carlo Barberi, and Vincent Pizarro took the liberty of coloring it. Click on it if you want to read the script.

Needless to say, all the characters are property of Marvel Comics.

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