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So, most cats define “graphic novel” as comic books compiled and/or published in a thick spine?


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Gatekeepin’, Fake Nerdin’ and the Whole Gray, Nine Yards

Conventions look radically different nowadays. The influx of people, and specially women, is something we had never seen before. Even when comparing it to the ’90s when the industry saw a boom that brought a lot of speculators in before the bubble burst.

I have stated this before, The Big Bang Theory and high-profile comic book movies and TV shows have brought the nerd community into the mainstream. And just like before when alternative music became popular, there is a period of adjustment that I personally think we are living.right now.

Older nerds are very passionate and protective about these interests because we’ve been at it for a while now: Prior to the internet things took a lot of hard effort and money to collect, and maintaining yourself informed bordered in PhD research at the libraries or hobby stores. Also, bullying and social alienation was more aggressive and pronounced in schools and stuff. This resulted in a misplaced sense of “entitlement.” I think, deep down, it has happened to the best of us at least once or twice.

Gatekeeping is stupid, self centered, and wrong in any way, shape or form, let me break it down for you:

  • The nerdiest nerd of Nerdville does not exists. There are no ranks, hierarchies, or castle to protect. There is no book or set of rules. Stan Lee didn’t bestow you with the keys to the gate.
    If you think otherwise, It’s my duty to inform you that you are a self-appointed idiot who has successfully gatekept himself from reality.
  • These endeavors need new audience for them to keep alive. If more people shows interest in comic books, for example, they’ll spend money in the medium, making it healthier, so to speak.
    It’s not only shortsighted, in fact, it is obscenely stupid to scare away any newcomers.
  • We all started as newbies, and anyone that claims otherwise needs to read about the empiricism in the human experience. Everyone started somewhere, it’s kind of axiomatic.
  • Thinking a girl can’t be a nerd because of her gender is sexist, there are no two ways around it. I mean, I understand the shortage of ladies at cons and some guys aren’t used to their presence, but that kind of attitude borders on the pathological. By doing these types of claims you drag down the good name of the community with your ignorance, and it may be the main cause of your virginity.
    This principle also applies to the discrimination of race, religion, social bracket, political ideology… none of these have any co-relation to one’s ability to play games or read comics and stuff

Having made the arguments above, I should also make it abundantly clear that there is such a thing as a fake nerd (and it has nothing to do with gender). It sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? That doesn’t make it any less true.

Don’t get me wrong, if you go back to the points I made in the bullets up here, you’ll see I completely understand I have no right to tell anyone who is a nerd, but I damn well know who isn’t, I mean, I know for a fact my mom isn’t, and that’s cool. My point being? Well, There’s a lot of sad cases of kids raised within the “no child left behind” mentality. They usually figure out like, watching The Avengers film or wearing a Batman t-shirt makes you a nerd. They would be incorrect, of course, Just like watching Gravity doesn’t make me an astronaut, watching one of the highest grossing films of all time or buying a shirt doesn’t mean that you magically entered a lifestyle you do not pursue. And you know what? That’s perfectly cool, not being a nerd is quite OK. You can enjoy superheroes or whatever on your own terms and live your life as you see fit, but keep into consideration that my mother also watched The Avengers and she is not a nerd or anything close, and she doesn’t claim to be one when she has the same amount of knowledge on the subject as these cats. You see, it’s not about a simplistic gesture of having the correct “uniform.” Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you are smart, and I am almost certain you wouldn’t walk up to a group of laureate scientists to state so. Well, it’s the same amount of insulting and it demonstrates the little respect you have for that which you claim to “love.”
Also, in my experience, people that act this way tend to be dismissive on their next breath and make fun of the movies, the comics, the games, the tech, because they are “campy”, you are being obsessive, and you shouldn’t take these stuff you like seriously.

On the other hand, and I will advice everyone in the position to do it. If a newbie comes by saying they liked the Avengers and would like to know more about, say, Black Widow (that actually happened to me a the writers’ guild with a friend of mine), you could tell them which comics to read (I told Julieta, my friend, she could borrow my Black Widow comic books) and put them on the merry path of fanboyism!

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I am the dialogue editor for Gerardo Sandoval's independent comic book Colliders. The shading is done by the colorist Erick Arciniega.

Soy el editor de diálogos de la historieta independiente de Gerardo Sandoval Colliders. Las sombras son elaboradas por el colorista Erick Arciniega.

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Clerks (The Lost Scene)

From the comic book version, of course ;)

(Source: harlequinnade)

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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are the HOTTEST!!! <3

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are the HOTTEST!!! <3

(via turner-d-century)

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The Ragin’ Cajun is back with a new ongoing!!! My only regret is not writing it!

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Redefining the meaning of Greek Goddess!

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Slow-paced, and filled with Lego-like drawings; the reasons why I have hated the creative team behind the Avengers; has published yet another uninteresting Avengers book (the X-Men basically work as a plot device here). There’s nothing to even spoil here, half the book was already published as a free preview, and the other half is a very predictable evolution of the story, plus, it doesn’t feel like round 1, it felt like the first 5 seconds of round 1. Hope the other books with Hickman, Brubaker and Fraction pick the thing up, it should at least be fun to read and action-packed!

Well, at least I got a poster and a coaster for free, even if it wasn’t an X-Men poster as I would have wished.

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Guardian angel or guardian devil? ^_^

Guardian angel or guardian devil? ^_^

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A three-year-old introduces her dad to comics!

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More GORE-geous art from my favorite slasher book, Hack/Slash!!!

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About the “sexism” indignation in the comic book medium.

Sexism" is America’s new "Communism" apparently, people just throw around that word without regards of meaning and implication, just as a quick cop-out for the inability to take an art work for what it is.

To start with, we are talking about fictional characters. Really, to think that this is equivalent to rape, sexual harassment, and other real forms of sexism, is to have no regard for the suffering of those who actually suffer it. And by the way, most media, like soaps, also portray me in a “sexist” manner, like men are walking ATM machines, is it a real issue or is it a medium directed to what the female mainstream wants to see? Are we really going to censor fiction just for an unjustified sense of indignation?

My advice, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. And if you want to empower the character, write comics, get good at it, and make your stories, and you might even get them published.

It is also laughable to expect this out of a medium that is mostly produced and consumed by male teens and adults (and I am not taking here into consideration the great quasi-feminist works of Joss Whedon, Martin Wagner, Daniel Clowes, Terry Moore, Chris Claremont, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman… which girls are not seeming to mind).

It’s ridiculous to complain about how this fiction is handled, seriously, if you don’t like what you are getting, just don’t buy it, it’s the first rule of consumerism. Why would want to ostracize the medium? Humans are sexual by nature, and believe me, in the history of art, sexuality has played a huge role in an artistic work, not to mention this actually is very conservative in comparisson (no that that is any sort of merit).

Sexually progressive cultures gave us mathematics, literature, philosophy, civilization and the rest, while sexually restrictive cultures gave us the Dark Ages and the Holocaust. -Alan Moore-

So, lesbians in comics, sexist or progressive?

Roxy & Sarah

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I worked doing freelance script interpreting for Raul Valdés in these comic books published by Marvel.

Trabajé como intérprete de guion independiente de Raul Valdés en estas historietas publicadas por Marvel.

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I worked doing consulting work and freelance script interpreting for Gerardo Sandoval in these comic books published by Marvel.

Trabajé como asesor e intérprete de guion independiente de Gerardo Sandoval en estas historietas publicadas por Marvel.

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