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Clerks (The Lost Scene)

From the comic book version, of course ;)

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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are the HOTTEST!!! <3

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are the HOTTEST!!! <3

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The Ragin’ Cajun is back with a new ongoing!!! My only regret is not writing it!

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Redefining the meaning of Greek Goddess!

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Slow-paced, and filled with Lego-like drawings; the reasons why I have hated the creative team behind the Avengers; has published yet another uninteresting Avengers book (the X-Men basically work as a plot device here). There’s nothing to even spoil here, half the book was already published as a free preview, and the other half is a very predictable evolution of the story, plus, it doesn’t feel like round 1, it felt like the first 5 seconds of round 1. Hope the other books with Hickman, Brubaker and Fraction pick the thing up, it should at least be fun to read and action-packed!

Well, at least I got a poster and a coaster for free, even if it wasn’t an X-Men poster as I would have wished.

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Guardian angel or guardian devil? ^_^

Guardian angel or guardian devil? ^_^

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A three-year-old introduces her dad to comics!

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More GORE-geous art from my favorite slasher book, Hack/Slash!!!

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About the “sexism” indignation in the comic book medium.

Sexism" is America’s new "Communism" apparently, people just throw around that word without regards of meaning and implication, just as a quick cop-out for the inability to take an art work for what it is.

To start with, we are talking about fictional characters. Really, to think that this is equivalent to rape, sexual harassment, and other real forms of sexism, is to have no regard for the suffering of those who actually suffer it. And by the way, most media, like soaps, also portray me in a “sexist” manner, like men are walking ATM machines, is it a real issue or is it a medium directed to what the female mainstream wants to see? Are we really going to censor fiction just for an unjustified sense of indignation?

My advice, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. And if you want to empower the character, write comics, get good at it, and make your stories, and you might even get them published.

It is also laughable to expect this out of a medium that is mostly produced and consumed by male teens and adults (and I am not taking here into consideration the great quasi-feminist works of Joss Whedon, Martin Wagner, Daniel Clowes, Terry Moore, Chris Claremont, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman… which girls are not seeming to mind).

It’s ridiculous to complain about how this fiction is handled, seriously, if you don’t like what you are getting, just don’t buy it, it’s the first rule of consumerism. Why would want to ostracize the medium? Humans are sexual by nature, and believe me, in the history of art, sexuality has played a huge role in an artistic work, not to mention this actually is very conservative in comparisson (no that that is any sort of merit).

Sexually progressive cultures gave us mathematics, literature, philosophy, civilization and the rest, while sexually restrictive cultures gave us the Dark Ages and the Holocaust. -Alan Moore-

So, lesbians in comics, sexist or progressive?

Roxy & Sarah

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Remember that one time when Gambit sold out? :P

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Girls in their undies VS Zombies; Hell yes!!!

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The Tick and Deadpool team-up!!! What could possibly go wrong?

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One of the few titles I am actually interested to read from the DC reboot fiasco. The picture is just lovely!


Action Comics Nu. 1

(This image will be available as a free print at Atomic Comics in Tacoma, WA and A World of Heroes in Dacula, GA this September.)

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Hipsters: Why are they a bunch of conformist douchebags?

First of all, let’s define what the word hipster means and where it comes from: To my understanding, the word virtually means “fashion chaser" (hip or hep were terms used in the ’40s within the Jazz circles to describe something hot and new), and it was used to describe the beatnik kids that were trying to emulate the Beat generation in a very shallow way, completely oblivious of any intellectual depth and cultural meaning. In my opinion, the post-war generation of the atomic era had a severe identity crisis.

The above paragraph describes also what “poser" means, though this term became more popular in the ’80s and ’90s. They never really disappeared, they just remained around being hippies (derived from hipster), or became attached to any number of subcultures in a desperate attempt to find a sense of belonging. After a period of time, the mainstream assimilated part of this subcultures through these hipster filters.

It was up to this century that the hipsters took off as a culture by themselves. To my knowledge, because of two factors: kids born in the late eighties and early nineties that grew up immerse in stuff like Barney and Happy Meals; and the internet —that has made a lot of stuff very accessible without any effort for their entire life. This, in turn, created the stupidly immense identity void the world has to deal with now. Why? Because this generation was brought up to believe everything is worthless, meaningless, and transitory (don’t be a wise-ass associating this to the cosmological fact). Take that bravado and put it in the middle of the fastest changing cultural and social paradigms any civilization has ever faced, and you get a bunch of morons that celebrate themselves while stealing ideas from other types of people and periods (like the ugly looking big specs or the ‘80s tight pants) because they are mostly just mindless consumers incapable of original thinking that pathologically need to be embraced and accepted by their peers.
Some even think these trends, the music… are something original, while in fact, anyone older knows that they are just stealing ‘80s synth-pop and the tired chord patterns by the Velvet Underground that have been a constant in music since the ’70s. Plus, they don’t mind mutilating the message, the scenes, the concepts. Why? because it came very easy to them, they literally only had to move a finger, downloads are one click away.

I remember being a fanboy from an early age, obsessed with comic books and music. The difference is that there was no internet and the other communication facilities we have today. So, trips to the library, spending hours at bookstores, magazine stands, and record stores was quite common.
Some stuff was basically unattainable; to get like, demo tapes or b-sides and stuff, you had to know the band personally. And to get Wednesday comics in Mexico City? It was hell, you had to hunt down the issues through all the stores that carried American magazine publications, and there never was any sense of order. Not to mention, none of them were cheap. You basically bought 1% of the stuff you wanted. TV and movies? They took forever to come (if they actually were broadcast here), and there was always the factor that they were edited, or filled with commercials. If you liked a song, well, you listened to the whole album, as the artist intended, not to mention that in most cases you had to pay for them, unlike now that people claim to like a band but only have like, one .mp3 file of said music talent, and they got it for free.

That’s why I get mad when hipster kids tell me they like comics because the downloaded Watchmen (and probably didn’t get much out of it, since they aren’t accustomed to reading comics or understanding their context and they don’t know the background), or when they regurgitate the Wikipedia article of some band not having even listened to more than a couple of songs by them.
I’m not saying it is mandatory to be passionate about these things, but don’t claim to be a nerd and hijack the scene when you have no fucking clue whatsoever, not even of who you are as an individual, let alone culturally. Don’t tell me you are the art vanguard when all you do is just a re-fried version of stuff older than yourself, or consider yourself an informed critic when you still think the Beatles are a groundbreaking act (they were, 50 years ago). Just because the kids don’t have a clue it doesn’t make it right to treat what some of us do love and have invested time, money, effort, and our hearts into, like a cheap whore.

These kids have interesting behavior patterns (beyond auto-celebrating every stupid, tired “idea” they “come up” with). For example, it appears that calling a hipsterhipster”, is an insult, kind of like calling Tony Hawk a “skater” in a derogatory manner (if that is actually possible). What’s so hard about accepting you are a hipster? And funny enough, they see themselves as misunderstood geeks, thinking geek means nerd, when geek was actually intended to be an insult; and not necessarily for intellectual types, but for the smelly, booger-eating socially-inept freaks that lurk around high-school. The term comes directly from the freakshow geeks that ripped off the heads of live chicken with their mouths. There is also the “art" factor, no one has ever really defined art, except for them, apparently. They all take pictures (or is it the camera that does that?), they are all music-savant DJs (it appears that pushing buttons on a console is art), produce and enjoy mind-numbing slow, plotless, derivative, unexciting movies (that would work better as photographs), but in no case you will find them pushing the envelope, perfecting their craftmanship (that’s too pretentious, and trust me, these people KNOW pretentious).

In conclusion: Most kids today seem to be hipsters (even if they don’t want to acknowledge it) that ruin everything for everyone else and don’t have respect for anything other than their own egos, even though. ironically enough, most lack a personality of their own. 

By the way, I found this fun poster you can enjoy, even if I don’t exactly concur with the Emo part.

The Modern Hipster

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